Diet and workout plan for building a solid body

kayla itsines workout.1To build a solid body, it is recommended using a vigorous training program. Strength training not just builds the muscles but works on tendons and joints as well. Your muscles are what assist in burning fat when you aren’t working out. Did you know that one single pound of muscles would burn around fifty calories each day? Just imagine if you only replace ten pounds of fat with ten pounds of muscle. You will be burning five hundred calories devoid of even lifting a finger and kayla itsines workout helps you in that. But for you to reach this level you’ve to begin strength training program.

Before you start with any type of program, do not forget stretching and proper warm up for the muscles. Also do not forget to comprise joint exercises such as wrist circles, neck circles, shoulder circles etc. That will assist you with the joints problems in long run. You want compound exercises like lifts or squats. Don’t comprise isolated movement exercises such as curls. In strength training you must be lifting very heavy weights for low reps. For instance you could lift three reps for six sets. Bodybuilders use very high number of reps which aren’t meant for the strength training.

You could also use bodyweight exercises such as Bodyweight pushups and squats or might be pull ups or handstands. For cardio, you must comprise High intensity Interval training(HIIT). One of best diet you could follow if goal is to lose weight, it is low carb diet or you can also look for kayla itsines workout and use this to improve your health. In this diet, you will cut the carbs; improve proteins and fat to make fat burning effect in the body. Coupled with power training exercises you will lose fat in no time.



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